This section of our website contains in-depth information of our company and the vast products we introduce to the market. Also it covers the latest technologies, industrial standards and procedures that are being introduced in the industry.

[30 October, 2013]  Sakura solid marker

This marker is a low chloride and low halogen solidified paint formula ideal for environments where corrosion and metal fatigue are a concern. Low Halogen Marker contains less halogens (Br, Cl, F, I) and metal ingredients (Zn, Pb, Hg, Cu, Fe, S) meeting RDT F-7-3T requirements and is certified non-toxic. The handy applicator features an […]


[29 October, 2013]  Elga Optimator® – You must look hard for better return on an investment!

Most companies working with MIG/MAG and TIG welding know very well the price of welding wire per kilogram. But, relatively few are aware that the cost of the shielding gas is at least as high, per meter of weld. Elga Optimator® is designed for one sole purpose, to reduce your consumption of expensive gas, generally […]


[12 February, 2013]  AEG POWER TOOL Dealer event in Abu Dhabi

FORESHORE TECHNICAL LLC conducted a AEG POWER TOOL Dealer event in Abu Dhabi for their network of Dealers. Conducted in Le Royal Meridean, It was a grand success attended by all dealers across the emirate. FORESHORE TECHNICAL LLC conducted a workshop and training session for all attendees.


[2 November, 2011]  ADIPEC EXHBITION

FORESHORE TECHNICAL LLC participated in the 2011 edition of ADIPEC Exhibition. The Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference, ADIPEC, has been closely linked with the growth of the Middle East’s oil and gas industry. As the largest oil and gas event within the region and the largest outside of North America. Held at ADNEC […]